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Re: Ebay (Was Re: Selecting vendors)

--- Jeff Shirkey <jcshirke@midway.uchicago.edu> wrote:
> >Ok, so the LOCAL DEALER says they won't touch your device. Big deal.
> Maybe this will clear things up. The president of Yamaha USA 
> apparently said, while on the phone with my dealer (who isn't exactly 
> local...rather, one of the sales reps from a big US supplier of 
> gear): "God help him if he ever needs service."

Here's my perspective. I tend to be suspicious of what someone tells me if 
have a (potential) financial position in the transaction. Generally, I put 
store sales people somewhere between lawyers and used car salesmen on the 
and reliability scale. Even the statement above seems suspicious. How 
often would
any given sales rep ever get to talk to the President of Yamaha USA? Would 
discuss your purchase of one gray market synth if he did?

> I was told Yamaha wouldn't even touch the unit. Maybe that wasn't 
> true. I was certainly shocked to hear the news. But that's what made 
> me cancel the order.

The question is; Who told you that? A SALES person? Or a support person, 
job would be to support (or not) your unit?

> I'm not sure who to believe. 

I would believe the Yamaha support person who has to provide you support 
(who you
said didn't seem phased by the idea that you were buying an unreleased 
If they will give you support, you have all the support you're likely to 

> On the other hand, 
> if they are telling me the truth about support, future repairs, and 
> so on, I'm almost certainly better off waiting now. 

Yeah, if that was true...

> If I was buying 
> some other piece of gear, I really wouldn't care. But for a synth 
> like this one, I'll *surely* need support. I'll be in way over my 
> head to begin with. I'm just a dumb guitar player. ;)

Well, I'm just a dumb guitar player too. I've owned one synth in my life, 
older model Korg which I bought used from a friend. Perhaps I was lucky, 
but I
never needed any support. Unless there's something broken with it, chances 
you won't either. Like others have said, you'll probably get better help 
in using
the machine from people on the net, but if you have hardware problems, 
when you'd need support from Yamaha.

Also, I don't buy the thing about the software being more buggy or that 
Do the Japanese tolerate software bugs better then people in the US? I 
think consumers in Japan are stupid, that doesn't make sense to me. Now, 
what you
might run into are language issues. Is the display going to present 
options to
you in English? That could be a concern if you don't speak Japanese.


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