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Re: Ebay (Was Re: Selecting vendors)

>If you're talking about technical assistance, you will get much 
>better support from other users on the internet than you ever will 
>from Yamaha.

Yes, I know...motifator.com is at the top of that list. But when all 
was said and done, I was scared into backing out. There were other 
concerns they planted in my head too: What if the OS isn't the most 
recent one and has bugs in it? What if it's a demo model...those 
still had bugs to work out also. So on and so forth...

So, what I'm hearing is that some of you, if you were in my shoes, 
may have just said hell with it and stuck it out? Believe me, that 
free PLG board was tempting! It was the DX-7 FM Synthesis board, 
which is the one I want. :)