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Re: Ebay (Was Re: Selecting vendors)

>Even though the gear could come from the same factory, I bet 
>something screwy goes on like Yamaha Japan has to sell it to Yamaha 

This is the exact answer.

I used to work in the hi-fi industry for many years in England and I'll 
try and explain how these electronics companies work - I'm tired and 
I will ramble but I'll try to be as clear as I can (unlikely).

Many of these companies (i.e. Pioneer or Yamaha) are set up into 
different mini-companies around the globe (Europe, Asia, America) 
which work pretty much merely as distributors.  Each one of these 
companies have no real tie with each other other than they all 
supply the same product (roughly) and they all source them from the 
HQ in Japan although they do have similar operating names 
(Yamaha UK, Yamaha US etc.).

Each national/regional company has an individual budget for 
servicing, advertising, payroll etc. and therefore do not have a 
central fund to draw money from for servicing.

As far as Yamaha GB (as an example) are concerned a unit that 
was bought from a retailer in the US was not supplied by them in the 
first place - it came from Yamaha US and they would argue that as 
Yamaha US acquired it from Japan and passed it on then they are 
liable to pay for warranty repairs or replacement out of their budget.

This may seem petty, but if the UK distributor had to fix the US's 
faulty products then the UK guys would have to pay for 
repairs/replacement out of their fund and the distribution network is 
not set up so one division can to turn to the US branch and say 'hey 
we fixed your so-and-so amplifier, we want some money back' - it 
would just get too complex administration and finance-wise.

Each company is told that if they supplied it they are liable to fix it 
and that if they did not supply it it must go to the division that did.

It's similar to how Yamaha is divided into separate companies for 
musical instruments, home electronics, computer equipment and 
motor equipment (which are then in turn split up around the globe to 
cover each particular region).  Even though Yamaha Instruments 
are part of Yamaha they are not liable to pay for a repair to a 
motorbike out of their budget.

So if you buy a Yamaha amplifier from another country and take it to 
a dealer he won't carry out a repair or replacement for it because he 
won't get any money from Yamaha US to cover the cost.  Yamaha 
US won't pay for it because they won't get any money back from the 
parent company or Yamaha Asia.

Some companies like  Philips, however often provide worldwide 
guarantees, but this is pretty rare.

My description makes sense to me if no one else.

Take care everyone, Phil.

> I was told Yamaha wouldn't even touch the unit. Maybe that wasn't
> true. I was certainly shocked to hear the news. But that's what 
> me cancel the order.
> >
> >Could that lesson have potentially been "Don't listen to the 
> >self-serving local
> >dealer?"
> I'm not sure who to believe. Probably both Yamaha and the dealer
> wanted to scare the shit out of me by conjuring up a kind of
> worst-case nightmare scenario--and they succeeded. On the other 
> if they are telling me the truth about support, future repairs, and so
> on, I'm almost certainly better off waiting now. If I was buying 
> other piece of gear, I really wouldn't care. But for a synth like this
> one, I'll *surely* need support. I'll be in way over my head to begin
> with. I'm just a dumb guitar player. ;)
> Jeff

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