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Re: Ebay (Was Re: Selecting vendors)

>OK, here's my question:  What do manufacturers have to gain by this 

beats me.

>  My guess is the MOTIF over there is pretty much the same hardware 
>as the one over here,

my thinking exactly

>  perhaps with a different display and Japanese OS.  That in itself 
>might be a big enough pain in the ass to make a company not want to 
>deal with it.

I thought you could prob. toggle between Japanese/English screen 
views. Surely they wouldn't manufacturer US ones and Japanese ones 
separately?? Or would they? Maybe so...it's beyond me.

>  Could be that Yamaha Japan and Yamaha US are two totally different 
>companies for legal reasons that are way beyond this boy.

same here...no idea.

>Even though the gear could come from the same factory, I bet 
>something screwy goes on like Yamaha Japan has to sell it to Yamaha 

I was amazed how vigorously Yamaha US was opposed to Yamaha Japan. 
What if I bought one from a Japanese authorized dealer and had it 
shipped over? Would they have reacted the same way? Not sure, but I 
don't want to find out.