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Re: Ebay (Was Re: Selecting vendors)

>BTW, if you want DX-7 style FM synthesis, pick up a DX200. For under 
>$200, it has the DX-7 engine and is even compatible with the 
>existing DX-7 library. But it also has knobs, an analog style 
>filter, effects, and a sequencer.

How good is the sequencer? What is its note capacity? Polyphony on 
this particular unit is...? I can probably look into those things 
myself. But it's not just DX7 sounds I'm after. I want a workstation 
and a pretty advanced machine to do sequences with to use as backing 
tracks (for practice or composition), and so on. The Motif line has 
fantastic drum sounds, basses, and on and on and on.

On the other hand, they probably will be blowing out the regular 
("classic") Motif 6s now. Prices have already been cut $300. But I'm 
of two minds about buying something that is on its way out 
technologically speaking. On the one hand, you can save some cash. 
But in the long run, is it worth it? Just like buying computers, it's 
often a good idea to buy more than you need at the time of purchase, 
since a year or two down the road it'll be obsolete anyway. That 
doesn't mean your machine won't still be very good--it will. But it 
might (?) make sense to spend more for all the extra bells and 
whistles you may not think you need right away, but perhaps will 
become part of your repertoire down the road.