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Re: Narrowing the field (Re: Currently available looper music webpage)

   Well hell! This looks great Doug. I'd say we might have a winner 
here. However, it too still feels a bit too self maintaining ala the 
Wiki and current profiles. I dunno, it's probably just me. I'm sure it 
could be modified to be less, er, self and more maintain.

Next topic should be, how would Kim feel about putting this on the LD 
website so it's official. I'll be happy to help keep the thing running 
or otherwise wack it into shape.

One small problem, the fonts looks really bad on the Safari browser.

On Sunday, August 31, 2003, at 10:00 AM, Doug Cox wrote:

> Greg & Bernhard,
> Not trying to create a competition or anything! :)  I had already done 
> this
> last night, and written most of this email, but was zonked so I 
> decided to
> send it out today.  Obviously, I'm going ahead with that plan, but I 
> really
> don't want to create a confusing situation.  Maybe everyone can have a 
> look
> and make comments, and we can decide where to go from there?
> Everyone,
> I threw together a quick demo of the idea I had re: LD artist 
> listings.  It
> also seems to lend itself to individual audio file links, and to CD 
> reviews,
> so I also integrated that idea into the demo.
> The link:  http://www.mrscox.com/sslinks/links.php  The root of this 
> is my
> wife's website (she's an 8th grade english teacher).  Please don't 
> email her
> questions about diagramming a sentence or anything. :)
> The basic idea:
> Treat artist listings (and individual track links, and CD reviews) 
> similar
> to old-school Yahoo listings.  There is a primary set of 
> characteristics
> that define the *browsable* heirarchy, but each listing also has 
> specific
> fields for other characteristics, so that advanced *searching* can be 
> done.
> This supports the idea that a few folks have mentioned, and that Andre
> proposed a list for - being able to build specific queries across these
> characteristics to find the artists, audio files, or cd reviews.
> In the demo, the pre-defined categories are "media" related - i.e., 
> Artist
> Sites, Audio Files, CD Reviews, etc.  Artist Sites *could* be 
> sub-divided
> into sections for browsability.  Something concrete would be good - 
> like
> "home region of the world".
> Each listing/link then has a description and a set of characteristics. 
>  For
> demo purposes, I just kinda translated Andre's list: Desc, Genre/Style,
> Instruments, Looper, Reference Artist, Live vs. Studio approach,
> Compositional Approach, Year Released.  These characteristics could be 
> an
> endlessly debateable topic, so I'd suggest we not linger on it too 
> long, and
> instead provide an interface like this:
> - for each characteristic, have the user choose a certain number of
> predefined values (3 Genre/Styles, for instance), and then also 
> include a
> small freeform text area for them to add their own words.  So, I could
> choose "Ambient", "Solo Guitar", "Electronica" and then type 
> "rhythmic, out
> of tune, boring" in the freeform area.  Those would all be concatenated
> together when someone does a search on "Genre/Style".
> Again, debating which list of Genre/Styles (or Live vs. Studio 
> descriptions,
> or - heaven forbid! - Compositional Approaches) to use doesn't sound 
> like
> fun.  Maybe someone could just put a reasonable proposal on the table 
> for
> each, and we go with that?
> You'll see that I mocked up the search page to handle all of these
> characteristics, but the gears aren't installed behind it to make it 
> really
> work. :)  Just giving a feel for how that interface might look.
> Would love to hear comments!
> Added today: Greg - if this looks like a way you'd like to go as well, 
> let
> me know, and we could split up the work in getting it done.  I suspect 
> that
> with quick decisions on the various characteristics, we could get this 
> up
> before the end of this week.  The custom coding to be done is very 
> simple.
> Doug
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Bernhard Wagner" <loopdelightml@nosuch.biz>
> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2003 9:55 AM
> Subject: RE: Narrowing the field (Re: Currently available looper music
> webpage)
>> I set up a prototype
>> http://www.xmlizer.biz/cgi-bin/LoopersDelightReviews/kwiki.cgi
>> Bernhard