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Re: Show is the Spirit of Live Music

I think the heart of this issue is that what we think about this topic 
is irrelevent.  We're a special interest group so this is going to be 
interesting to us just like IP router features and design are going to 
be interesting to someone who runs a ISP or company network.  Most 
others just want the results of what the routers do and could care less 
about the details.  Ask your non musician friends.  They are the ones 
who'll have insight.  My wife, who dabbles in music but does not loop, 
had an insightful observation about this yesterday.  She said, "You'll 
always have 2 people out of a hundred who care about the functions of 
the looping, so if you're playing to an audience of 2 get used to it."

The reason that struck a nerve in me is that after almost every gig I 
do I get 2-4 people who come up to ask about how I was doing the music. 
  Many times some of them are also loopers and usually they're always 

Mark Sottilaro

On Saturday, August 30, 2003, at 02:20 PM, David Swain wrote:

>  I like to think of music venues being
> auditoriums (aural = to hear) then spectator stands.........but i do 
> like to
> see how things are done - just part of my personality i suppose