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Re: Currently available looper music webpage

> version, without luck. Finally Doug came along a few months ago and it
> seemed like we might finally get somewhere. It slowed down a lot though
> because I was too busy at the time to keep up with it. At the moment I

To be fair, it looks like you gave me the go-ahead, and I kinda let it 
:\  It was obviously a busy time for both of us!

Really not trying to be a butt-insky here.  I also have some time for this
right now, and wanted to help get to a solution quickly while I do, since
there was some groundwork in place.  So I thought I'd comment on some of
Kim's points:

> Some key initial points:
> - I'm going to require that the current profile data be maintained. It is
> fine to remove the completely dead entries, but there is too much good
> stuff there to throw it away. It takes a long time to build something 
> that. Many people like having their entries on the page, even if they
> haven't been around the list for years or have never been on the list at
> all. They still come back to the profiles and update them once in a 
> I don't want to lose that data. Asking on the list for people to send you
> info will only get a tiny fraction of the LD community to respond.

Absolutely agree.  We can (hmmm... fairly) easily import that data into a
MySQL database on LD, and use it for a new system (the one I have demoed
right now would use it, for instance).

> - It's great if you and Doug can help out with administering the section.
> In the end though, I know from hard experience that I am the one who will
> likely be maintaining it. So the management aspects of the page have to 
> something that works for me. Among those: there cannot be human
> intervention required for people to create their entries and make 
> That has to be something people do themselves. The administration aspect
> should be a higher level of fixing occasional problems or some 
> here and there.

Makes sense.  We can set it up to let entries/changes immediately show up.
I assume you'd also be in favor of at least trying out the delegation of
admin duties, so that any clean up *could* be done by Greg or me or someone

Regarding updates: although you can't see it in the demo right now, we can
set it up to allow password protected editing of any entry.