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Re: Synth Intros/Townshend

--- andre <projectobject@earthlink.net> wrote:

> Indeed the synth intros/parts on ŒBaba¹, ŒFooled¹,
> and ŒWho are you?¹ are
> various combos of organ (hammond?) , analog
> filters/sample & hold and analog synth.

The info that someone posted earlier about the 'Who's
Next' intros being done on a Lowrey home organ (not
synth at all) is correct, if the Townshend interviews
I've seen/read in which he states just that are to be
believed. 'Who Are You' was definitely synth, though.
> From the nerd, Œrock history¹ side, the cool thing
> is that the solo on
> ŒGoing Mobile¹ is Pete playing guitar plugged into
> the back of a synth, I
> believe the ARP. It¹s perhaps the first
> Œguitar/synth¹ solo for whatever
> that¹s worth.

The solo only, not the intro, right? The intro sounds
like regular guitar volume swells.


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