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RE: ORGANIC programming and looping (effects)

Hi Rick,

Along possibly related lines to what you're talking about, I have long 
wanted an effects processor that would let you relate different paramaters 
or effects to each other or to various characteristics of the input signal.

For instance:

"If input signal strength > x, then delay time = 100ms +10x"
"If input signal pitch > y, then effect patch = delay, else effect patch = 
"For signal strength x, delay time = 100ms +10x = y, and pitch shift = y 

or some such.

Those are not the best examples admittedly. What got me interested in this 
originally were some of Brian Eno's treatments to things like Harold Budd 
tunes, where it sounded like the EQ of the delay varied with the volume of 
the piano attack.

It got me thinking ... how about an effects box with truly programmable 
parameters like the above? That would make the effects themselves truly 
*interactive*, and hopefully begin to create a sound that had more 
possibility for random-sounding, more organic, results. Kind of like how 
stacking multiple loops of different loop lengths results in unpredictable 
note clusters past a certain point.

The above is certainly not truly *random*, and in fact no matter how 
complicated the "if-then-else" chain, it could still be mathematically 
mapped out; however, I believe that after a certain point, the human ear 
hears it as "random" and thus more "organic".

Just my 2cents.