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There's no denying it:   this can be as boring to listen to as listening to a perfectly quantized drum machine pattern looping over and over.

..and a drummer playing the same thing over and over is interesting?

This is where Boid algorhythms come in
Birds flocking will stay a relative distance from every other bird in the flock.   The distances will vary
within a certain tolerance

Now consider when the flock changes direction suddenly:
  Simple observation will tell you that the distances (or tightness of the flocking) will widen slightly as the birds change direction in both their furthest distance from each other and their closest distance............it will still stay within a  certain constraint however because they are flocking for god's sake.
Now that the flock has resumed flying in a relatively straight line (and that itself has some tolerances and yet you can map with a straight line where they will end up weeks later),  their relative distances
'tighten up' and go back to their original status quo.

Ah, see what you're getting at, let the rhythm fall slightly apart, maybe not even noticeably, and then go back on track.
Actually the boid algorithm wouldn't return the flock to it's original path.
And the individual birds would be in totally different places within the flock.

"The elements of a rhythm fall apart, then re-combine in a different configuration going in a different direction".

andy butler