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Spotted: FS: Vortex, etc...

This caught my eye...Craigslist in Portland, Oregon:

(I've no connection to seller)


>I have a variety of great old effects pedals/processors I am selling that
are no longer getting the use they deserve. I am selling:

-a vintage electro harmonix stereo memory man, $170 obo
-a vintage chrome base morley flanger(must hear to believe) $150
-a boss se-50 stereo effects processor w/vocodewr(much like a whole bunch 
boss pedals in one box) $75 obo
-an early 90's ibanez metal charger distortion pedal(5 knobs!)$50 obo
-an early 90's lexicon vortex stereo effect processor(totally unique and
-a vintage boss ft-2 dynamic filter pedal(sounds like a mutron iii)$100 
-a collectible/rare early 90's boss ps-2 pitch shifter/delay pedal $75 obo

E-mail me if interested.

Reply to: anon-50863700@craigslist.org

Date: 2004-12-02, 2:07AM PST
this is in or around pdx
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial