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ok guys

heres one of my very simple and not  totally well thoght out ideas for 
injecting a bit of variation into my loops, I have just started trying to 
play a few songs where in my favoured mould of " create a loop and play 
it", In my new technique I create a more dynamic loop by rather then 
a four bar loop for a 4/4 song I actually create an odd numbered loop say 
three or five,  I make a five bar loop of guitar tapping and drumming  all 
in real time not as mutiples of one bar, so as to get a few differant 
timeing and sound variants, I then add some colour with say a couple of 
swells or a lick , I then close the loop and switch to playing in 4/4  the 
simplicity of this idea is that is sounds like the loop is shifting under 
the chord progression and it dosnt <to my ears> get as stale as quickly.

well, its not random and its sure not hard, but it does offer a few more 
variations before you get back to the same line/chord/drum pattern as you 
started with.

hope this helps someone


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