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Re: Help with Start Point Function, redefining loop length, etc

hi Krispen,

this is an easy one

>Can some describe how to use the Start Point function? Is it accessible
>only via MIDI?

only Midi, ..but read on

>Or maybe help me achieve what I'm trying to perform
>What I'm trying to do is as follows:
>1. Hit Record
>2. Play 30 seconds or so of random phrases, sounds, etc, with no meter.
>3. Hit Record again, and the loop plays back
>4. Somewhere in the middle of the 30 second loop, hit Multiply and start
>playing a metered groove with the down beat starting at the same time I
>hit the Multiply button.
>5. Before or after the 30 second cycle is complete, hit Multiply again
>on the down beat of my groove

5. Before or after 30 second cycle is complete, hit RECORD on the downbeat 
of your groove.

now the StartPoint and loop length have been re-defined :-)

This is called "UnRounded Multiply"

I think you might enjoy it.

andy butler