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Stuck EDP

I was fooling around with making very short loops and using multiply to 
record stuff over the top of them and now I can't seem to get the EDP 
"unstuck." I've tried the long "multiply" general reset and the long 
record button reset. I've turned off the EDP and turned it back on, but it 
keeps turning on in some strange mode that lets me record a new loop but 
it keeps recording after I hit the record button again to stop. 
Interesting effect, but not exactly what I want to be doing.

Am I making any sense?

Here are some more symtoms. There is a green 1 showing on the display 
above the word "loop" and the red dot above "looptime" is on. When I hit 
the multiply button on the foot controller I get a "28.3" reading out on 
the display. It seems to be remembering something that I would rather have 
it forget. 

How do I do a "real" reset. So I can use it normally again?