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Looking for beta-testers for a mac os X realtime looping software

Hi loopers,

I made a realtime multitrack looper for mac os X.

His name is "Logelloop".

This software can record loops and permit some others operations like 
overdub, multiply, copy, copy to disc, mute... with multitrack and 
multiple undo.

Now, I need a few beta testers for testing it.

For being able to be a beta tester you will needs :

An Apple Macintosh G4/1ghz/512Mo or more and running OS X.3.6.
Java 1.4.2_05 installed.
A midi foot keyboard (with noteon/noteoff) or a customized USB Keyboard!

Please, contact me off-list at : logelloop-betatest@logellou.com and 
tell me what is your current system if you are interested for beeing a 
Logelloop beta tester.

Philippe OLLIVIER.