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Re: Using backgrounds live (was RE: monitoring in LIVE and keyboard macro stuff)

When I started getting into looping I was concerned about the audience 
perception. Would it seem like cheating? Well, to some yes, but to most 
no. Keller Williams, like him or not, has brought looping to an 
entirely new audience. It's not this strange technology used by guys 
with German names anymore. So, my philosophy on that question is, as 
long I am performing it on the spot its cool. I personally wouldn't use 
pre recorded loops in a live setting. It would be very easy to slip 
into that 80's midi backing band/karaoke thing and look cheesy and I 
would feel silly. Different if your a DJ I guess. I mean your playing 
records so whats the difference.
Using LIVE, live would be cool. I just dont know how to do it and use 
music from the present.
Just my 2 cents

On Dec 31, 2004, at 1:51 AM, Gary Lehmann wrote:

> <snip>
> does the audience care so long as the music is original?
> Ask Ashlee Simpson
> Gary