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Re: Have an RC-20.. need an Echoplex!

For ready made loops, you could use live. For loops on the fly, use an 
EDP. You could sync them somehow I think. But im not sure.
Good luck.
On Dec 31, 2004, at 2:08 AM, Dave wrote:

> cheers Gary... sorry about lack of clarity - maybe i do need to use a
> sampler but the thing of it its.. i need to use foot control to trigger
> ready recorded loops (with a whole lotta memory), and whilst doing 
> that, be
> able to loop live...is the Echoplex the unit im looking for?
> ps. at this stage the RC-20 rocks, but im looking for more ready memory
> capacity at my foot disposal
> on 31/12/04 5:46 PM, Gary Lehmann at hqr@cox.net wrote:
>> This is a reply to Dave [daves@eleventh-hour.com.au] but also 
>> concerning the
>> recent thread about the limitations of the RC-20.
>> The Boss RC-20 is not a very highly actualized looper--but it shines 
>> in the
>> "record a loop and solo over it" department.  Although some users have
>> overcome its limitations (usually by adding another delay or looper), 
>> its
>> price should be telling you something.
>> It is true that the digital Echoplex is expensive (and doesn't seem 
>> to be
>> getting cheaper!), but it does everything most folks need (and they 
>> all need
>> a little something different).  Loop IV was a giant step forward, but 
>> even
>> with Loop III you could undo all but the first layer (I have a MIDI 
>> patch
>> called Undo bomb that does it at one button press), end record with 
>> overdub,
>> end playback with record, restart the loop, reverse playback, etc etc.
>> There are more and more ways to loop--Live IV sounds like a winner, 
>> Ambiloop
>> is also a groovy (and freeware) computer looper, and I am eagerly 
>> awaiting
>> Warren Sirota's MultiLoop Live software release which he claims 
>> emulates the
>> functions of the EDP. The rebirth of the Repeater seems to be around 
>> the
>> corner--but you JUST CAN'T GO WRONG with the EDP.
>> But they ain't cheap.
>> The RC is cheap and has no feedback control.  How artistic is that?
>> So maybe Dave needs to use a sampler for his sound effects (he wasn't 
>> real
>> clear exactly what he needs), but he could use the EDP for looping 
>> and the
>> RC-20 for sample playback!
>> Gary