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Re: monitoring in LIVE and keyboard macro stuff

> From reading this list I'm coming to understand that looping without 
> any pre recorded material is the holy grail of looping, which is 
> cool... but it's damn hard to use live effectively with quantisation 
> set to none and it's hard to record your first loop to a click when 
> you only have a indigo stereo output (I guess I could monitor through 
> the Left channel and output front of house through the right) any 
> ideas?

sorry to keep banging my own drum on this list - but we're so very 
nearly there with my Augustus Loop plug-in.


this let's you do the first loop and immediately starts emitting MIDI 
clock - which you can then sync Live or whatever to.

so in theory you could e.g. play a 1 bar guitar lick and have Live join 
you with a drum loop on the downbeat of the second bar, at whatever 
tempo you played the lick.

the one fly in the ointment with this is that Live is a little sluggish 
to respond to the tempo of the incoming clock. there has been much 
clamouring on the Ableton forums for them to make Live more responsive 
in this regard, so far without success. please add your voice to the 
discussion if you think this would be useful!