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Re: M-Audio Trigger Finger/Lemur

One minor issue for EDP users is that it takes two presses to send a
program change.  The pads normally send notes.  If you want to send a
PC to change a preset, you have to press a "shift" key to enter PC
mode, the next pad press will send the PC and return to note mode.
If you like to quickly switch between presets it takes just a little
more thought.  But then if you're using your hands you've probably
got time to think :-)

Also unlike most foot controllers, the pads can only send one program
change.  So if you were using this to reconfigure a rack of devices
you would have to do one Shift+Pad for each device.

While we're on the topic, the controller that has me drooling
right now is the Lemur.


Just the thing for that toe controlled surround panner.  But at $2500
you've got to *really* want it.