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Re: [LOOP] Re: [LOOP] Jamman/Stolen Moments

On Thu, 15 Sep 2005, David Morton wrote:

> You probably realise this, but it's worth pointing out that the XL
> version of the RC-20 sorts out quite a few of the UI problems of the
> earlier model.
> You can increment and decrement through the loops with a footswitch
> now (any dual footswitch with momentary action and a 1/4" TRS jack
> will do), and any of the loops can be single or repeating.

Actually, I did not know either of those things. Thank you very much. I'm 
glad I specified I was comparing to the *non*XL RC-20 :).

> The XL is often reviewed as just a bigger memory version of the RC-20,
> but Boss did fix quite a few little niggles with the second version.

And because I knew neither of the facts you mentioned, I was one of those 
people who assumed the RC-20XL was just an RC-20 with more memory. Thanks 
very much for the new (to me) information.

Steve B