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Kris> I got the FB up and running with Mobius too, but Mobius and my 
Kris> are just not getting along. I get hangs and glitches, etc...and I 
Kris> have time to run that trace program for Jeff to see what the issue 

The thing that helped for me was just to turn tracing off. (in
mobius.xml, set debuglevel to 1 or 0).

Kris> Plus it has MIDI in/out, which I assume means you can switch
Kris> from one VST effect patch to anther with a midi controller.

that's what it is meant for. but from the editing surface I assume it
is not possible to use vsts with more then 2 inputs or to have a
rather customized signal routing between different vsts. For this
reason, eg. möbius won't run easily on the receptor.

Anybody knows more about it?

Matthias Loibner