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Re: Muse Receptor

numbernine@gmx.net wrote:
> Kris> Plus it has MIDI in/out, which I assume means you can switch
> Kris> from one VST effect patch to anther with a midi controller.
> that's what it is meant for. but from the editing surface I assume it
> is not possible to use vsts with more then 2 inputs or to have a
> rather customized signal routing between different vsts. For this
> reason, eg. möbius won't run easily on the receptor.

The receptor host is designed more like a mixing console than a
free-form modular host like Bidule or energyXT.

Each of the 16 "channels" can have as input either the output of a
VSTi instrument, or an audio input.  I think the audio input can be
stereo, but it is unclear.  There is only one set of stereo inputs on
the back panel.

Within each channel, the source may be sent through up to three plugin
effects.  The effects may be configured in any serial or parallel
configuration, e.g. A/B/C parallel, A/B parallel B/C serial, A/B/C
serial, etc.  There are also two stereo effects busses shared by all
channels.  Each bus has another block of three serial or parallel

The plugin routing looks reasonably flexible, but if you like to build
complex layouts in a modular host, you may not be able to accomplish
exactly the same thing.  All internal busses are stereo, so it does
not appear that you can make full use of plugins that have more than 2
ports.  If you wanted to switch quickly between two radically
different plugin configurations, you would probably configure each on
a different channel, then solo the channel whose configuration you
want to use.

Claims that it can run 57 plugins should be treated with skepticism.
This is the theoretical maximum number of plugins you can configure.
But this is after all a PC, and if you try to run too many power
hungry plugins at the same time, it will glitch just like any other

If you expect to be interacting with a plugin and you don't want to
drag along an LCD screen to display the graphical UI, make sure the
plugin can be controlled and monitored effectively using the small
LCD and parameter knobs on the front panel.

It runs many, but not all, Windows VST plugins.  Since the OS is Linux
it runs some sort of Windows emulator.  This means that the plugin has
to be a very "pure" VST, it cannot make use of any Windows features
that fall outside the VST spec.  Many of the free plugins you find on
KVR will not run.  Many of the big commercial plugin vendors have
ported to the Receptor, but you may have to ask them for a
"cross-grade" version.  Never assume that your plugins will just run,
explore the forums on www.plugorama.com to make sure.