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Re: =?iso-8859-15?q?M=F6bius_glitches?=

numbernine@gmx.net wrote:
> Kris>
> Kris> I got the FB up and running with Mobius too, but Mobius and my 
> Kris> are just not getting along. I get hangs and glitches, etc...and I 
> Kris> have time to run that trace program for Jeff to see what the issue 
> The thing that helped for me was just to turn tracing off. (in
> mobius.xml, set debuglevel to 1 or 0).

Besides leaving trace on, the usual reason for glitches is overdubbing
a large number of layers which increases demands on the CPU.  What exactly
"large" is depends on the speed of the computer and the other plugins
you have running.  I get around 50 layers before glitching, but if
you're running 29 other power hungry plugins that number may be much lower.

This will be fixed when support for Interface Modes is released.