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Re: Jamman v Boss/self-promotion/new work

That's funny and yes my confusion that spliced you two guys together, I now remember Duke your last name but was hanging on to Duke and good to hear from you.  Daryl and I have 4 CP shows here in NY and Boston (7/26 - Stain (Brooklyn), 7/27 - MudShop (NYC), 7/28 - ABC No Rio (NYC) and 8/2 - Kave (Boston Somerville) the latter with Dennis Moser, Tim Nelson and Rob Byrd) and I will  tell him hey for you.
To both of you a stroke of guardian angel luck came my way yesterday.  From Jeff's encouragement I researched the 2880 a bit, began to look on eBay and found one that appeared to be some sort of 'factory second' deal that was a make offer thing.  The seller had had previous 2880's and some other EH gear however their feedback was mixed.  While hemming/hawing I hit Musicians Friend one more time yesterday thinking don't be 'penny wise pound foolish' and low and behold there was a 2880 Scratch/Dent for $310!  I decided that was a message to me as I've bought other Scratch/Dent with good success so I bought it.  So very jazzed about that and this new box.  Thanks Jeff for the added info on this box and good to hear from you Duke.
Thanks to all who offered me input the last few days.

On Sat, Jul 12, 2008 at 6:24 AM, Duke Sexton <mech2@m3ch.net> wrote:
At 10:59 AM -0400 7/11/08, Jim Goodin wrote:

I'm trying to connect your name did you perform after us [chinapainting] at Y2k last year, Saturday evening?  There was a Jeff but I may have you mixed up.

LOL!  Hey Jim, Jeff Duke didn't perform after you guys last year; that was me.  It's not the "Jeff" you're finding familiar.  It's the "Duke".  ;)

Anyway, hope things are going well, and wishing you luck on your looper hunt.  And tell Daryl I said "hi" when you talk to him next (I think I may owe him an email, but then I'm always owing somebody an email, it seems).

       -- Duke.

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