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Re: OT: Hey Loopers< MF is blowing out Mackie SRM 350 p.a.portablePA speakers

Krispen Hartung wrote:
>  If I were that picky about the particular 
> sounds of a PA, I'd be constantly frustrated whenever I played and I had 
> no control over the house PA, the PA of the outfit running sound, etc. I 
> have tried to mellow out a bit in terms and not be such a premadonna 
> about a sound systems. 

but we're talking more about which pa to *buy* here.
No-one said they were picky about someone else's pa.

Worst I ever used was a Karaoke machine powered by an unfit friend on a 
pretty much inaudible to the player, and when I asked if it could go
louder the pa guy (trying to help) unplugged the extension speaker, 
making it quieter
.........but no complaints ;-)

So far, we've got some really full info about JBL vs Mackie,
and a recommendation for RFC,
hopefully quite useful.

andy butler