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Re: delia derbyshire video

Are you sure it isn't in 6 parts, rather than 7? I don't see number 7.

On Jul 21, 2008, at 10:11 AM, andy butler wrote:

> There's a BBC Documentary called "Alchemists of Sound" with loads of  
> footage of Delia and tape loops.
> It's available "on the internet". On youtube in 7 parts.
> ..or as a  "torrent"
> and some reading here:-
> http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/apr08/articles/radiophonic.htm
> (only the first free page of a pay for view article, but fascinating)
> tEd  KiLLiAn wrote:
>> Zoe,
>> I guess the story goes that although Ron Grainer was given the  
>> original task of creating the score for the show, he subsequently  
>> heard some of Derbyshire's music and (humbly and appropriately)  
>> realized it would be
> from interviews with Derbyshire & Grainer:-
> Grainer provided the score, which he intended as some kind of "surf  
> guitar" thing.
> Derbyshire's interpretation of it was so far from his intentions  
> that he wanted
> to give her a composer credit.
> ..but the last time I watched, the credits still just say Grainer,  
> although the reworked
> theme obviously has elements that originated in the radiophonic  
> workshop.
> One of the most used techniques by the Workshop was:-
> (all analog tape of course)
> 1)Record a sound
> 2)Re-Record at different speeds, enough notes to make the part.
> 3)Cut those notes to length, with the correct length for their rhythm
> 4)Splice the notes together to create the tune
> a bit like edp slice'n'dice
> andy butler
> ps
> the Dalek voice is a ring modulation with a 30Hz sine wave