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Re: What would loopers do without power?

At 6:51 PM -0700 7/22/08, Travis Hartnett wrote:
>It seems that the question "What would loopers do without power?" is 
>often being interpreted as "What would loopers do if the power 
>company could no longer provide electricity?", hence all the answers 
>of "I would find a way to generate electricity myself and continue 
>To me that doesn't seem to be really "doing without power".

Oh I dunno: wasn't there at least one answer of "I'd go find a 
big-ass canyon and play with the echoes"?

But, yeah, I think you're right about most of the responses so far.

One thing that I do find interesting about this survey, is that it 
seems to show how many people are multi-instrumentalists and have 
some sort of "primary instrument" that they would fall back to in 
case of emergency.  But often, that particular instrument is *not* 
the one they most often loop with.

Which leads to the question, "do you actually loop with the 
instrument you are most proficient on?  Why or why not?"

For my part, I'm most comfortable on Bass, but I never loop on it 
(and, for that matter, I only ever really pick one up a couple times 
a year).  It's merely not as interesting to me as all the other 
little weirdo instruments I've collected over time.  I'm just a 
dilettante at heart, I guess.

"bye-bye empire; empire, bye-bye"