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Re: What would loopers do without power?>>Which Instrument

OK, here's my take on this one.

When I started looping I transferred to electric guitar as main instrument.
I was way more proficient on electric bass, and though I think my
guitaring improves gradually in many ways the bass is still more 
I also bypassed my second instrument, which was nylon strung guitar, and
took up the use of effects in a big way, having tended to use no effects 
at all because they obscured the nuances of the playing.

Bass looping can be great, I wouldn't want to de-recommend it to anyone, 
but I find the guitar has a greater range of sounds
that are useful for layering, especially for up tempo stuff.

I have a definite approach to the way I build up layers on the loops, 
usually each layer
has it's own sound and rhythm, and I find that the relatively neutral sound
of electric guitar transforms well with effects. 
So, it's all about being able to make the layers distinct.

andy butler

Mech wrote:

> Which leads to the question, "do you actually loop with the instrument 
> you are most proficient on?  Why or why not?"
> For my part, I'm most comfortable on Bass, but I never loop on it (and, 
> for that matter, I only ever really pick one up a couple times a year).  
> It's merely not as interesting to me as all the other little weirdo 
> instruments I've collected over time.  I'm just a dilettante at heart, I 
> guess.
>     --m.