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Re: What would loopers do without power?

Umm...tie a bag of rocks to a waterwheel??  Kinda roots-industrial.

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From: "Mech" <mech@m3ch.net>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2008 8:27 PM
Subject: Re: What would loopers do without power?

> At 6:51 PM -0700 7/22/08, Travis Hartnett wrote:
>>It seems that the question "What would loopers do without power?" is 
>>often being interpreted as "What would loopers do if the power 
>>company could no longer provide electricity?", hence all the answers 
>>of "I would find a way to generate electricity myself and continue 
>>To me that doesn't seem to be really "doing without power".
> Oh I dunno: wasn't there at least one answer of "I'd go find a 
> big-ass canyon and play with the echoes"?
> But, yeah, I think you're right about most of the responses so far.
> One thing that I do find interesting about this survey, is that it 
> seems to show how many people are multi-instrumentalists and have 
> some sort of "primary instrument" that they would fall back to in 
> case of emergency.  But often, that particular instrument is *not* 
> the one they most often loop with.
> Which leads to the question, "do you actually loop with the 
> instrument you are most proficient on?  Why or why not?"
> For my part, I'm most comfortable on Bass, but I never loop on it 
> (and, for that matter, I only ever really pick one up a couple times 
> a year).  It's merely not as interesting to me as all the other 
> little weirdo instruments I've collected over time.  I'm just a 
> dilettante at heart, I guess.
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