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Re: Bringing loops in and out with an edp

I finally have a few hours to sit down and try all of these. Way excited. I should be receiving my second edp tomorrow!

On Jun 7, 2011 3:19 AM, "andy butler" <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
> Louie Angulo wrote:
>>> With 2 EDPs in stereo config.....now brace yourself....
>>> I also have a thing where I hit the Insert button on the panel
>>> of the second EDP. Then the 2 EDP are in a polyrhythmic relationship
>>> with one always being just one beat longer than the other.
>> ok Andy this sounds cool! but how do you do this so the second EDP is
>> exact in polyrhythm with the 1st one? do you keep insterting until it
>> does?
>> are u just using them in stereo or controlling them separate?
> you first follow the instructions that were just above those ones in
> the original mail:-
>>tap in a very short loop (one beat),
>>and then each press of Insert increases the
>>loop length by an equal chunk of time.
>>Kind of similar to the 8th Replace thing, but with an ever expanding loop.
> So you're starting from the point where the 2 edps are synced,
> and just Insert a single cycle to the slave.
> Going back to the footcontroller, each press of Insert adds one beat
> to both EDPs.
> Typically I'd record a short loop,
> and hit the Insert on the slave front panel.
> so
> EDP Left is 1 cycle
> EDP Right is 2 cycle
> ...not so interesting till the regular Insert is used again
> EDP Left is 2 cycle
> EDP Right is 3 cycle
> ...and again
> EDP Left is 3 cycle
> EDP Right is 4 cycle
> Just like 8th Replace,
> except that the timing's different, and you're using
> whole cycles instead of 8ths
>>> ...and of course, everybody loves using Insert with StutterMode don't they?
>> eh...never used that one,got a recording of it?
> not that I can access easily.
> Andre Lafosse used it a lot.
> andy