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Audiogeek's logic (was: Logic Audio, was Re: Midiocracy)

I hope the analogue summing discussion is next...


         (who prefers a Carrera GT or M3 GT2 over a Ferrari any day)
That is what I call a " a properly programmed audio engine", my friend.

But what do I know... ;-)  *
Mr. Zwicky, i can't blame you for not having tried direct comparisons. Feel free to do so. I was a hardcore Logic user for 15 years. I'm so very glad this is over. No more
Yep, sure.. and Ferrarri's are awful cars, always running into trees, and Stratocasters are unprofessional toys.. wank wank wank... ;-)
On another note: Get rid of Logic eventually. It's got an awful sound (when you compare it to Cubase, Nuendo or Pro Tools HD).

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