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Softstep's led behaviour

I got my softstep 2 and I'm quite happy with it  as a replacement for the FCB1010.
The new buttons are playable, very responsive  and I don't miss at all that noisy click of  my previous footcontroller.

The red/green lights assignable on each pad are great for visual feedback, so I don't need to look at the laptop to see what's going on.
Neverthless, I'm still struggling to understand exactly how to get the leds working as I'd like.
or better, If ther's a way to have the lights "on" when I recall a set of presets.

What i want to achieve is:
1. red led on - when I switch to a set of presets 
2. green led - when foot is on the pad
3. no led - when the foot is off the pad

I know it can be done, but how ?
Do I have to send an external MIDI command to set the initial state of a preset or that can be accomplished  with the Softstep advanced editor ? 
(BTW: working in Hosted mode here).

Anyone's experience on this topic ?