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Re: Wheres the Gordius Forum?

mark francombe wrote:
Im a bit unsure what The Default Preset does, actually. Is it like a
preset that fires when you enter a bank, must it be IN the bank, or is
it totally seperate?

Each bank lets you assign to it *one* of your Presets (just like all the 
as "default preset" for that bank.

Yes, that preset is sent as you enter the bank.

Anyway i did it The hard way, now I have scroll wheel thumb.

Yet to test, but a cursory check with only Stereo Record, seems to
indicate that synching EDP this way ( same offset, different midi
channel, Sync=OUT, Gordius sends 2 record message) Works!!

I don't know if it affects how tight the sync is.
Or whether, with daisy chained EDPs, sync can be improved by sending the Note-On for the second EDP in the chain before the Note-On for the first in chain.

Best way to check would be to use Reverse (Haas Effect).