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Re: Wheres the Gordius Forum?

I don't know if it affects how tight the sync is.
Or whether, with daisy chained EDPs, sync can be improved by sending the Note-On for the second EDP in the chain before the Note-On for the first in chain.

Interesting, Ill test a bit, but to my ears it sounded pretty ok, But Ill be a bit more destructive tonight. I did notice that when only triggering ONE of the EDPS, (but the other is still set to OUT so still syncs) It took a bit longer for the silent one to lock up the right Seconds readout... than I remember from the 1 midi channel, different Offset numbers method. But it DID work, and it takes a second to change to the secon EDPs bank, so its no biggie, Might be a problem if trying to lay down 1 bar start phrase and ASAP lay down a second track on the second EDP, but... I dont do that!

Best way to check would be to use Reverse (Haas Effect).

Not sure If Ill hear that as I have my EDPs hard panned, (which is not ideal, but its better for later mixing of recordings and anyway, I dont have any channels left on my mixer so Im using L and R on 1 input.) AFAIK Haas is basically phasing, so no mix of the two channels is not gonna show nuffing.




Mark Francombe
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