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Re: Wheres the Gordius Forum?

mark francombe wrote:

it takes a second to change to the secon EDPs bank,

there's a delay on the default preset?

ok, I'm not sure about this, but I think that's programmable.

...and it's there so that multiple presets aren't sent out when someone scrolls through banks

    Best way to check would be to use Reverse (Haas Effect).

Not sure If Ill hear that as I have my EDPs hard panned, (which is not ideal, but its better for later mixing of recordings and anyway, I dont have any channels left on my mixer so Im using L and R on 1 input.) AFAIK Haas is basically phasing, so no mix of the two channels is not gonna show nuffing.

Haas effect is actually specific to hard panned L & R channels.

If there's any delay on one side, the audio sounds like it's panned to the 

(this happens a lot when I'm using a stereo pair of edps and jumping 
different loops, something of an annoyance, but also it kind of autopans
the different layers)