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Re: Cutting Time

Surely this is all pretty academic?
�In reality, dont we all do this all The time?
Work with higher quantise settings.
If you start your loops with REC>INSERT and multiply 16 or 32 cycles, you can chop out whatever just by RE multiplying smaller?�


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Something like this would do the job. �The only thing some might not like about it is that it changes the start point. �Say hypothetically I record a 4 bar loop and I want to cut out the middle 2 bars. �But I want to keep the start point where it was. �We could probably do that with some clever scripting but it would be nice if there were simple Cut and Sustain Cut functions. �I'm actually surprised I haven't heard more requests for this. �

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Try this for SUS Remove:

!name SUSremove
� �StartPoint

label endSustain
� �TrimStart