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Re: ORGANIC programming and looping

On Dec 1, 2004, at 10:09 AM, S.P. Goodman wrote:

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Larry Cooperman" <coop@newmillguitar.com>
> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 2004 5:40 PM
> Subject: Re: ORGANIC programming and looping
>> I still say that you should eat organic lettuce and pronounce it
>> "lett-toose"
>> We must remember that you must sweat to smell and smelling correctly
>> adds to the overall aesthetic transference.
>> Now every body do it "lett-toose, let-toose, let-toose"  close the 
>> mind
>> to power outlets and smell from every pore.
>> I think there's at least going to be a recount in Ohio.  There are
>> papers filed for nevada and New mexico.  You KNOW this was stolen like
>> 2000.
> One word for yah: ENDIVE.  Go chew on that for a bit, m'kay?

No, it's mmmmmmmmmmmmmkay,'
> Back to being on-topic though.
> When I think "organic" I think of it only in terms of [1] how the 
> sound is
> made or [2] how the sound SOUNDS.  From the listening standpoint I 
> would
> think "organic" (which would actually be more quasi-organic) would 
> equate to
> an effect where one cannot discern the seams of the cloth as it were.

I honest to everybody's gods believe that you are what you eat, so if 
you eat your own sound for so long that you're talking about it means 
that you need to sit and say lett-toose.

I don't care what sound you have if the human comes back fundamentally 
different or changed by an experience with organic farming then no 
matter what sound it will have a different sonic value.   Or walking 
backwards will do something to you, or listening to something you never 
heard before and understanding something about it.

man, I mean can I grab a body sound in a processor and make it 
artificial, can't I?  Is it then organic or what?  Organic, and I've 
used it before, is a lousy word because it isn't a thing we talk about 
that grows in the soil, it is mental extrapolations of the lettuce we 
ate I suppose but who knows how they grew it?

So you get all of this stuff, and talk about it in such a high and 
elevated manner but all you are talking about is "is it interesting and 
sound good or not?"

I have a whole shit load of gear in my garage and I just play Finale 
and my classical guitar.  That's why I like this group, I'm at my 
computer anyway.  If I have to spend any more time with this gear it is 
absolutely no fun what-so-ever.  Do  I have to learn this crap now?  I 
mean, I can program a processor to hell and back but I don't want to 
read this EDP Looping and the Art of Looping Instead of Playing.

Ever think about cell phones?  I mean it totally puts you out of time 
and space.  It's time we're really talking about.  Time to learn, time 
to buy, time to talk about, time to execute all kinds of stuff, time to 
talk about talk about talking.  I wanna play, like all the time.  Time, 

I really like reading the emails but isn't it time for a lot of people 
to sit and play with a skin or a piece of wood and get in touch with 
their inner Beatnik  Whig?  I don't know, shit, try this chord 

I don't know, I like all of this but I like that "slow self esteem" 
thread.   I got gear that I can even sell you, shit I'll sell one EDP 
and a midi pedal that's new.  I'll sell you some chords like the one 
above.  Not Stephen in particular is this directed too, words or gear.  
Talk me into something that doesn't hurt anyone.
> I experienced this same effect watching "The Incredibles" this weekend.
> (Everything looks SO real from the texture etc. standpoint.  Gorgeous.)
> There's a scene where Elastigirl (Holly Hunter's voice as Mom) picks 
> up a
> 'super suit' off the bed.  The cloth-like appearance of the suit was 
> SO ON,
> I didn't think about it, taking it all for granted the way one does in 
> a
> good old-style non-effects film.  Sometimes I look at stuff like this 
> and
> think, "Hmm, nice render!", but this time I didn't in the least.  
> Visually
> flawless.

Organic.  Lett-toose....
> So I suppose I differ from the gear-oriented thinking, in that I only 
> care
> about what the gear is, what it's doing etc. when I'm either setting 
> it or
> the looping up or troubleshooting the units.  I don't know that I'd 
> ever
> think about whether anyone was remotely interested in the equipment I 
> use
> either.  :)

I'm on the other end of the gear thing.  I'll continue to buy but I 
won't study a piece of gear because my head is together.  I can make 
noise with an acoustic instrument, I can make such harsh chords and 
move a bunch of stuff around musically, I can jam for days on end, and 
I know that it all boils down to a brain.  Fingers are secondary, and 
certainly a wall plug absence wouldn't stop me from making music like 
taking away sheet music from a cellist.

We are the Comic Book Guy.

> Stephen Goodman
> * Cartoons about DVDs and Stuff
> * http://www.earthlight.net/HiddenTrack
Larry Cooperman
New Millennium Guitar