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Re: Would love your input, stories, suggestions

Tell me about it!  My guitar rig is fairly straightforward sometimes, but sometimes with a lot of gizmos to torque the tones.  I have two Mac Pro's running in tandem splitting up the chore of music production (Pro Tools HD Machine 1 and Vienna Ensemble Pro (Machine 2) running a blivet of VI's.  
One thing I like about the AxeFx is that it's one switch (as long as Pro Tools is up and running).  
I normally record at least two guitar amps at a time - sometimes 4!

I really miss the days of turning on the analogue mixer, start the tape rolling and you're live!  Now it's turn on a host of devices, hope it all boots okay, wait a few while the dragster max RAM and SSD loaded Mac Pro's swallow the elephant, and then maybe I can make music.  In fact, tape didn't have to be rolling and you were live with one switch!

People drop by and say Can I hear something? And if the whole rig isn't on I say No, too much work!  Unless it's mixed and on Machine 2 (08 Mac Pro).

And the learning curve is profound.  I mean, just the Eventide H9 is a time cannibal.  Omnisphere is a whole tribe of time eating cannibals.  I'm 68 now, so Time itself is starting to look more and more like a man eating cannibal!

Straight recording is fairly easy - like old school recording with musicians and their instruments.  
It's mostly the one man symphony and the Adrian Belew guitar school thing that puts it way over the top. 
And then the fact that it's so digital dependent.  And then all the plugins!

Secret trap doors via guys like Ramana Maharshi are the only way I can survive it.  When the shit really hits the fan, I can shut off the electricity and sit by the river... if you get my drift.

I DO HAVE SOME VERY GOOD DIGITAL NEWS THOUGH - Just got an Anker USB hub that has made my life so much better.  No more missing USB devices.  No more USB devices just falling off the planet. I've gone through the wringer trying to solve that issue for a few years.  No more!  It's cheap!  It just works great. 
I'm gonna buy a few more. 

On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 8:19 AM, Kevin Cheli-Colando <billowhead@gmail.com> wrote:

I just wanted to play music - not fly the Starship Enterprise!

Its really funny you say that because I had started to refer to my rig as a six string spaceship.  I've got a whole host of controllers and pedals and pads 

richard sales

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul - Emily Dickinson