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Musings and Philosophies on Looping

Mike Battle

    Mike Battle invented the original and legendary Echoplex tape delay. Today he produces the Tubeplex, as well as tape cartridges for all his delays. He is one of the original pioneering inventors of delay and looping devices.

    Looper's Delight Interview with Mike Battle

Gary Hall

    Gary Hall designed the PCM-42 for Lexicon. The PCM-42 was one of the first digital loopers, and is the precursor to the JamMan.

    Gary's Looping Autobiography

Matthias Grob

    Matthias Grob has been looping his guitar for many years. His frustration over the lack of a dedicated tool for his art drove him to invent his own, thus bringing the world the LoopDelay and the Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro.

    Matthias' Brief History of Looping
    Playing During Speeches, and a Great Movie - interesting essay on loop performance in support of speakers. Originally posted to the Looper's Delight list, a lot of people liked it so we put it here.

David Torn

    A preeminent loop artist, David Torn was voted Best Experimental Guitarist by the readers of Guitar Player in 1993. He has recorded many film scores and excellent albums, including What Mean's Solid, Traveller?, Tripping Over God, and Polytown.

    David's In The Loop, written for the September, 1996 issue of Guitar Player.
    David Torn article from Guitar Shop magazine, March 1999, with much loop discussion.

The Looper's Delight Interesting Post Series

    Many great posts have been made to the Looper's Delight mailing list. Here we have different series of posts collected together by subject. Makes for a great read!

The Musical Use of Audio Delay Devices: Some Thoughts for the Future and From the Past

    Very interesting (off-site) article by Ben Denckla.

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