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Looping Tips and Tricks

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Looping Tips and Tricks
A collection of interesting tips and advice on looping. Compiled by Andre LaFosse from posts to the Looper's Delight mailing list.

Percussion Looping
Written by Rob Cummings, an excellent tutorial for pecussionists interested in looping. Be sure to check out Rob's audio examples,  they are quite sublime, and and wonderful examples of looping in general. Worth hearing whether you are a pecussionist or not!

Playing Hints
Written by Matthias Grob, this was a section in the original Paradis LoopDelay Manual. Matthias has revised it for the Echoplex to include here. Even though it is Echoplex oriented, there are lots of great ideas for any looper.

The Echoplex Analysis Pages
This is a wonderful Echoplex and Looping tutorial site created by expert EDP player Andre LaFosse. He goes through his own evolution of using the Echoplex in various ways and styles of music, explaining the details of how he used the EDP. He covers everything from ambient use to his current "Turntablist Guitar" style with the new LoopIV upgrade. Even if you don't use the EDP Andre will teach you a lot about looping. Tons of great audio examples included. Check it out!

Musical Multi-Track Cassette Looping
A very useful article by Daryl Shawn for those interested in converting their old multi-track recorder into a tape looping system.

Drum Programming, Loops and Breakbeat Technique
Nice tutorial by Nicolas Hall. Learn how to make your beats funky!

Drum 'n Bass Drum Loop Programming
Great article on programming drum loops for Drum 'n Bass, written by Cape Canaveral <somniosus@yahoo.com> for Looper's Delight. Chock full o' great loop tips no matter what type of music you do. (in acrobat pdf format.)

Looping Acoustic Instruments
Helpful hints from Matthias on using acoustic instruments with Loopers.

Drumming with Loops
A fascinating essay by Eric Cook detailing his methodologies for playing drums alongside loopers in a performance context.

Using Loopers with Sequencing/Hard Disk Recording Apps.
A nice tutorial by Reginald Hunt on using loopers in conjunction with hard disk recordering on a pc. The tutorial uses the Lexicon JamMan and Cakewalk for examples, but the same techniques can be applied to other midi-controllable loopers and sequencing applications.

Good Old-fashioned Tape Loops | Baking Tape | Squeaking Tape
Three nice articles written by Pat Kirtley on setting up reel-to-reel tape machines to make loops, restoring old tapes to playing condition, and solving the case of the high-squeaking old tapes sometimes perform on a tape machine. Thanks to Javier Miranda for converting them to html.

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