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JamMan / Echoplex Comparison

by Matthias Grob
version 1.0
January 4, 1997

I created a Plex-JM comparison file, two years ago. It gives some technical comparison, but I feel that does not really say it. Since I am not neutral and never tried the JamMan, I am not going to say more about it. Matthias Grob - Jan 4, 1997


Echoplex DP
Price $450
($360 street)
($560 street)
Standard DelayTime 8 sec 12.5 sec
upgradeable to 35 sec 198 sec
Upgrade form expensive ZIP ram 30 pin SIMMs
(old computer parts!)
Footswitches 3 7 switch pedal board
(not included)
Function access Modes/Steps immediate
Functions Layer Overdub
Mute/Sample Mute
Replace Replace
- Rnd/Unrnd Multiply
- Insert
- Undo
- Rehearse
Echo Mode Delay mode
Phrased Quantize
Sample Fw/Bw Reverse
- Loop Copy - audio and
time base
- sampler like triggering
over midi
- Retrigger
Max. parallel Loops 8 9
Feedback Control 16 steps Continuously variable with
knob, footpedal, or midi
MIDI Sync In and Out In and Out
Ext Source sync ? Switch or audio or MIDI
Beat definition multiples of 2 and 3 1/8...64/8 and Multiply
MIDI control Program change Notes, Controllers,
Program Change
Sync on Sample level no yes (important for stereo coupling!)
Display minimal LoopTime, Multiple, loop number,
level indicators, 3 colour LEDs
32 KHz, 16 bit
15 khz bandwidth
41.4 KHz, 16 bit
19.5 Khz bandwidth

Structural and philosophy differences

The Echoplex uses the traditional delay structure, running through all the memory constantly like an infinite tape and defining times by address offsets. This structure simplifies rounding and undoing functions. Since Musicians want to be flexible in definitions of rhythm and nobody is capable to touch switches accurate enough, we have to care to find the meaning of the operations and round them to the right places.

The JamMan uses the Sampler structure, starting to record at zero and returning there as soon as the Sample is finished. This simplifies the organization of several independent Loops in the memory but turns Multiply and Undo almost impossible. Also, the redefining of the start point is not inherent to this structure.

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