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Red Sound C-Loops
(Previously called Cycloops)


PVDJ (Peavey) Grabber
DJ Loop Sampler

(They are the same)
Co-invented by Emmanuel Perille, inventor of DJRND2 & 3
First shown: Frankfurt MusicMesse 2001
Began Shipping: March/April 2001

This page needs more stuff! Any Cycloops users out there want to help out? If you are interested, want to provide a review, user tips, or have any information on using the Cycloops for looping, please contact us.

This is a confusing product. It is based on the inventions of Emmanuel Perille. It was originally called the Red Sound Cycloops. Then Emmanuel and Red Sound had some sort of disagreement. After that Red Sound called it the C-Loops since "Cycloops" was Emmanuel's trademark name. And now Peavey a product that is obviously the same thing, and calling it the "Grabber".

Looper's Delight Reviewers Needed - please do one!!

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Cycloops Review from Future Music (pdf) - Cycloops receives a Platinum Award from Future Music...

Red Sound C-Loops Press Release from Feb. 2001

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PVDJ Home Page

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Cycloops Features

  • creates instant loops that cycle continuously in synchronisation with each other and the original music source
  • Beat counter detects tempo of incoming audio
  • pre-defined sample lengths are 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 beats
  • all loops can be recorded 'on-the-fly' and played back at the press of a button
  • jogwheel robotic-like time-stretching effect
  • four-digit BPM display
  • Sample rate: Variable (48kHz maximum)
  • Conversion rate: 16 bit
  • Polyphony: 6 sample loops
  • Sample length: 1(x2), 2, 4, 8, 16 (32 beats total)
  • BPM range: 60 - 230BPM (3 ranges)
  • Connections: Audio input, Loops output, Monitor output, AC adapter input
  • Dimensions: 202(H)x106(W)x30(D)mm
  • Weight: 1Kg
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