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Maneco Looping Pedals
(Filter Eko, Nanolooper, ManecoLooper Elite, ManecoLooper, MicroLooper)

Maneco looping pedals are inspired by the legendary
16 Second Digital Delay by Electro Harmonix

This page needs more stuff! Any Maneco looper users out there want to help out? If you are interested, want to provide a review, user tips, or have any information on using the Maneco pedals for looping, please contact us.


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MANECO home page

Filter Eko
  • 2 x 32 seconds
  • 2 LFO's
  • Sine and Square for pitch
  • Triangle and Square for filter
  • Multimode filter (high pass, band pass, lowpass)
  • Feedback pre or post filter
  • Reverse, hold, bypass and filter on/off footswitches
  • Filter expression input
  • Pots:
    1) Time, 2) Pitch mod depth, 3) Pitch mod rate, 4) Blend, 5) Feedback, 6) Cuttoff, 7) Filter modulation depth, 8) Filter mod rate, 9) Rez
  • Toggle switches:
    1) Time range: short, medium, large, 2) pitch LFO waveform/off, 3) A/B loop selector,
    4) Pre/post filter feedback, 5) Filter LFO waveform/off, 6) Filter type, 7 ) Memory protect
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  • 16 seconds, maximum time
  • Capable of short slapback delays, with self-oscillation
  • Pitch shifts over 6 octaves with the time knob
  • Three feedback tone qualities: NORMAL, WARM and LO-FI
  • HOLD and BYPASS footswitches
  • Non-volatile memory, protected by a switch
  • Blue LEDs
  • REVERSE toggle switch
  • Three time ranges
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ManecoLooper Elite
  • 2 x 64 seconds loops (maximum time) with A/B selection footswitch
  • Multimode Filter, High pass, Low pass and Bandpass with dedicated footswitch and modulation from the pitch LFO
  • Expression pedal inputs for: Delay time/pitch, Feedback and Filter Cuttoff
  • MIDI clock out, Tempo set by fine time pot, and Clix on/off footswitch sends also start/stop MIDI messages
  • All of the features of Manecolooper

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MICROLOOPER features up to 32 seconds of delay.

MANECOLOOPER features up to 64 seconds of delay.

Both units feature: Instant reverse, Variable time/pitch over 4 octaves, Hold/Infinite, and Sound on Sound, all in real time. Memory is non-volatile and protected by a switch.

MANECOLOOPER has all of the features of the EH16, but with better bandwidth, up to 64 seconds of non volatile memory. The original EH16 had 64K of dynamic RAM. The MANECOLOOPER has 2MB of non-volatile static RAM with low power consumption.

MICROLOOPER also features: Resonant synthy multimode filter, with bandpass and lowpass selection, and expression pedal input for filter cuttoff, and for mangling the recorded sounds. Memory is divided in two blocks of up to 16 seconds, instantly switchable with one of the footswitches.

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